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How To Know If You’re “Settling”

How To Know If You’re “Settling”

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I think one of the greatest relationship myths perpetuated by-single-people-for-single-people, is that if you are patient and look hard enough, you will eventually find your ‘perfect’ mate. Operating under this assumption, we spend much of our fantasy-time envisioning what this perfection entails, creating a laundry list of personality traits, physical features, abilities, and even experiences that this imminent lover of ours will have. “I’m seeing… a bilingual Ivy League grad, at least six feet tall, and naturally charismatic. He’ll get along with my mom, have a golden retriever named Buddy, and be as good in bed as he is at his executive level finance job,” we declare to our friends over our third round of happy hour vodka tonics.

Haylee MarieHaylee Marie

Perhaps even less emotionally healthy than theorizing about our own imaginary partners, we also gossip about coupled-up acquaintances and evaluate the merit of their real-life romantic companions. “I don’t…

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